Stay Safe in the New Normal


Dynamic Health leverages technology ecosystems to offer medical technology solutions for workplaces, with costs underwritten for smaller businesses. 

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The Problem|

Companies need straightforward choices for how to keep their employees and customers safe from COVID-19.

⁠Dynamic Health is addressing this problem directly. Our first program, Dynamic Health Zone, brings together a range of services, technologies, and solutions for workplace and site safety.

|What Are We Doing?

⁠We help workers by making it easier for their employers to keep their workplaces safe, help workers monitor their health status and provide tools to gather feedback and support for social distancing behavior as well as notifications of potential exposure to infection.

Dynamic Health's program encompasses multiple levels of solution choices, pre-selected to work together with minimal additional effort and with security and privacy safeguards built-in. Through an ecosystem of partners, Dynamic Health can provide the tools appropriate to individual companies.

⁠For smaller businesses, we expect to offer these services at no or low cost. We provide a range of support from guidelines to automated distancing technology and contact monitoring.

Our Mission


Dynamic Health is a non-profit partnership dedicated to healing the world through technology ecosystems, starting with workplace healthcare.

We bring together people, companies, and groups worldwide to address global challenges with entrepreneurial innovation and rapidly integrate disparate products to generate solutions. Trust, privacy, and security are central to our work.

We are working closely with small, nimble companies that are repurposing their existing products to help with healthcare. Dynamic Health provides these companies with the necessary partners to create complete offerings, and in return, each partner integrates with other partners as needed.

We will work with umbrella groups such as industry trade groups to reach as many employers as possible, while we approach underwriters for the employers who can’t afford traditional healthcare on their own. 



Protect and Heal the World


Ensure Workplace Safety

Support Small Businesses



Help Underserved Communities


Dynamic Health Has Deep Expertise

Our ecosystem creates software based on Dynamic Health's open-source integrations and APIs to relevant technologies. Respect for personal privacy is at the core of our mission and platform along with best practices in security at all levels. 

⁠Trust, Privacy, and Security are central to Dynamic Health